"DaDane of the Week"
Series of Articles on Addison's Disease published by Ginnie Saunders


1st in the series: a Primary Addisonian
This article tells of the near-death diagnosis of Marc Sayer's boy, "Tank"

2nd in the series: another 'Typical' Primary Addisonian
"Catherine," whose first and only symptom was a slight limp!

3rd in the series: a case of Atypical Addison's
"Gorgeous George" -an Atypical with the "typical" story of an almost-missed diagnosis!

Hector's story
(Part 1 of 2) A six-year-old Dane with Addison's Disease -scheduled to be rehomed or put to sleep because his owner was unable to care for him!

Hector's story (continued)
(Part 2 of 2) The happy ending to Hector's story!

Mozart's story
The tragic story of a young dog with Atypical Addison's that was diagnosed too late to save him!

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