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Merck Veterinary Manual
Addison's Disease: diagnosis, treatment



5-Minute Veterinary Consult, Canine and Feline Edition
Hypoadrenocorticism (Addison's Disease) 


Animal CPR (tri-fold brochure)



U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Center for Veterinary Medicine



Encyclopedia of Veterinary Medical Information
VetInfo - Provided by Vetinfo, Dr. Michael Richards. An alphabetically arranged list of health problems and related terms with concise descriptions at each link.



Endocrinology - Reference Ranges
MSU Animal Health: Compiled by Drs. Schenck, Nachreiner, Refsal, Rick and Sist



Medical Dictionary
Merck Manual Consumer Version



Medical Encyclopedia
Merck Manual Consumer Version



Punnett Square
Calculates the probability/likelyhood of the inheritance of genetic traits



SubQ Injections
Instructions for giving your dog "Subcutaneous" (under the skin) injections at home. This document refers to allergy injections but the principles and procedure applies to other "SubQ" injections as well.




Vet Search: ACVIM Board Certified veterinary specialists
Search for a small animal internal medicine specialist in your area



VetMed Search
Advanstar Veterinary Healthcare Communications -search all AVHM sites for articles, books and reprints



Wikipedia online encyclopedia
The Adrenal Gland: structure and function




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