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Support and assistance for owners of dogs diagnosed with Addison's Disease!


K9Addisons (Yahoo support group)

"k9Addisons is a support and information list for those with canine companions afflicted by Addisons Disease." (founded August 1998)

"Melody's Pages" (affiliated with K9Addisons Yahoo support and discussion group)


AddisonDogs_ (Yahoo support group)

"Our goal is to foster open communication about the variety of options available to the caregiver of a dog with Addisons disease." (founded July 2002)

ADogs website (affiliated with AddisonDogs_ Yahoo support and discussion group) (Danish) Addison's Disease "group"

This site is located in Denmark -and if you speak the language or have a good translator, the information is excellent!



Beacon for Health (Addison's Disease)

Bearded Collie Foundation for Health's links to information on Canine Addison's Disease



Beacon for Health (Main page -includes Update to their Addison's information)

Bearded Collie Foundation for Health (scroll down to the link: "Addison's Study Update -from October, 2004 Specialty seminar!")



CARES Foundation Newsletter

Winter 2004-05 Newsletter of the "CARES" organization -a support group for PEOPLE with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia -includes information on genetic testing, which is already available for humans



If You Need Help Paying for Veterinary Services
("Speaking for Spot") Dr. Nancy Kay's comprehensive list of organizations offering financial assistance for veterinary care: "Many of these organizations help only in emergency situations such as accidental injuries requiring immediate care, long term health problems requiring surgery or ongoing treatment, such as orthopedic repairs or chemotherapy for animals with cancer. Some can also provide pet food and other assistance to seniors and people with serious illness or disability. Each organization has specific application criteria. Please check the organization’s website first before calling. This information is provided to help you in locating financial assistance to cover veterinary costs. The information has been compiled from many sources on the internet and was accurate at the time of compilation. You should always check the organization’s website for the most up to date information."



Financial: Managing the cost of veterinary care

The Humane Society of the United States: Suggestions for affording veterinary care



Medical Pet ID Tags

Metal tags, engraved front and back. Front Wording: 1 line of text, maxium 20 letters. Back Wording: 4 Lines of text, maxium 20 letters per line.



Rehoming your Addisonian Dog

Checklist of options to explore before making the decision to rehome your dog



Rescue transport

"Flying Paws"




If you are facing foreclosure, first and foremost, contact your lender immediately! If you have an animal that needs help please create a Paw Alert! by clicking on a blinking image below and find a shelter. We are here to help keep you and your family together. *Animal Shelters without a No Kill policy euthanize about 61% of dogs and 75% of cats annually, nationwide. That totals more than 12 million dogs and cats euthanized each year and millions more are abandoned. If you have found an abandoned animal that has been a victim of foreclosure, please create a Paw Alert! * "Find a NO KILL shelter," "Find a foster shelter," "Find all shelters!"



k9Addisons Pedigree database for dogs diagnosed with Canine Addison’s Disease

Create an uploadable pedigree at and add your Addison dog's pedigree to the K9AD_Pedigree group! (founded 2003)




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